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Friday, May 16, 2008

"Pinocchio" (1940)-Pinocchio & Monstro Sequence

Collecting can be especially rewarding when you find a complete match of anything!

You might remember this sequence with Pinocchio and Monstro (from "Encyclopedia of Animation," page 197).

The first sheet ("DFX40") in the set we collected is a layout (Production 2003 Sequence 10.9, Scene 5.1) showing the positioning of several overlays...

The individual sheets start with "C-44," the Pinocchio...

Next comes the fish in the background, page "102"

Finally, the fish in the foreground on sheet "F-125."

Here is what the image looks like when overlayed in Photoshop...

While it's great to have this many items in the sequence, it does present a challenge to frame. Here is what we finally ended up doing...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Pinocchio” (1940). Four pencil sketch images of Pinocchio swimming away from Monstro. One overall view (master layout), Pinocchio swimming and two fish sketches. All from same scene/sequence. Production 2003 Sequence 10.9 Scene 5.1. Individual notes: Fish F125, Pinocchio swimming C44, Fish & Monstro mouth 102, Layout match DXF40. [Image: Four sections of 11 15/16"W x 10"H. Total art area: 24-7/8"W x 31-3/8"H. Frame: 34-3/8"W x 40-3/4"H] Acquired 1987. SeqID-0117 Updated: 8/13/2005

Image of Pinocchio, fish and Monstro the Whale from "Pinocchio" from "Encyclopedia of Animation," page 197.


  1. Pinocchio and Monstro were in this scene both animated by Woolie Reitherman, with effect animation by John McManus and Cornett Wood, who were credited for their work with Scr. (= the whole screen footage of 3-00 ft or 48 frames), 1/2 Scr. (1-08 ft or 24 frames) and 1/4 ft. (0-12 ft. or 12 frames) respectively. Tne background of this Multiplane shot was reused from Sc.6.
    See the appropriate draft page on my blog.

  2. Hans- Fantastic! I appreciate your notes and the reference...