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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thanks For Translating Yuri Gagarin Photo!

UPDATE 5/8/2008: I want to thank "ilya" for providing the translation to the Russian inscription by Yuri Gagarin on the photo he have to the school in his hometown! It's fantastic to have amazing people stop by and help. Ilya, who is an animator in Canada, has just started his blog so please give him a visit and encouragement!


----- FIRST POSTING -----

Do you speak Russian?

If so, I could use your help...

I have a photo of Yuri Gagarin that he sent to the school in his home town. On the photo he made an inscription and signed the piece. But I don't know the exact text. If you can help, please follow this link to my Aerospace blog.

Cowan Collection: Aerospace -- Gagarin School Photograph


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