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Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Old King Cole" (1933)-Pencil Concept w/ Roy Williams Note?

This had been sitting in one of my file drawers for years and I re-discovered it while looking for something else. I sent a scan of it to Dave Smith at Disney wondering if the comment was from Roy Disney. Dave wrote back that there were only two Roy's there at the time: Roy Disney and Roy Williams. My assumption is that the note was by Roy Williams, but I'm not sure...

"Old King Cole" (1939)-With Roy Williams Note?

I have been trying to update my notes on the Production Numbers used by Disney to better identify some of the items from the Ingeborg Willy Scrapbook and a few other items I have that don't have recognizable characters on them (recognizable to me, at any rate). I received an email from Dave Smith this morning that included that "the US at the bottom referred to "United Artists released Silly Symphony."

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Old King Cole (1933). Police Mice pulling ropes(?). Signed by "Roy." Has color directions. "2nd cel 79" "NOTICE: This is just a drwg for action. It is not used in scene -- Roy" "Roy - PC#30-US-11" (Note: US-11 was “Old King Cole” and the "US" meant a United Artists released Silly Symphony.) Circa 1932. 2-hole [Item: 2 @ 12"W x 9.5"H; Frame: 31.5”W x 18”H] SeqID-0384 7/27/2005


  1. I'd say that this is almost certainly a note by Roy Williams. I have several gag drawings he did from the same era and they were signed in exactly the same way. I've been enjoying the great stuff you're posting - Thanks!

  2. Joe - Thanks for the note and I'll copy your information into my database! Like I said, Dave Smith at Disney thought it was Williams, but wasn't positive. Thanks, again!

  3. Joe - Couldn't find an email address for you. Could you check my posting on the Mr. Duck Steps Out Title Card and see if Williams wrote on the sign off sheet?
    TNX, bob