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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dave Fleischer Letter (1946)

While the majority of the material I collect is Disney, I do collect other items I find interesting. Here is a great piece -- a letter and sketch from Dave Fleischer to his physician after he broke his finger (circa 1941). Dave and Max Fleischer were co-owners of Fleischer Studios, one of the other major animation studios during the early and mid-1940's. In addition, Dave directed many of Fleisher's films. Dave writes a great line: Here you are, Doc -- The hand that’s feeding you, Dave Fleischer. Few items with Dave Fleischer's signature seem to exist today. Clike on this line to see Wikipedia's entry on Dave Fleischer.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

A 2-page sketch from Dave Fleischer to his physician after Dave broke one of his fingers (circa 1941). Written on Paramount’s “Mr. Bug Goes To Town” produced by Fleischer Studios stationary. Left page: “Now where did he get that bone?”; “To Doc Frieder from Dave Fleischer” Right page: “Here you are, Doc -- The hand that’s feeding you, Dave Fleischer” [2 @ 8.5”W x 11”H] SeqID-0260

The second--and final--feature to come out of Max and Dave Fleischer's animation studio was this look at a community of insects whose city garden home is threatened, and how a plucky grasshopper named Hoppity saves the day and wins the heart of a bee named Honey. AKA: "Mr. Bug Goes to Town." 78 min.

Notes from seller: Both are letters from Dave Fleischer & both are signed by him. The stationary is fascinating (First I have ever seen!) and the drawing on the first is GREAT while the second is certainly Ok. These are the only two pieces I have seen with Dave Fleischer's signature on them. Furthermore, the are the ONLY TWO drawing that I have seen that can be attributed directly to him. There are definitely signatures of Max out there but Dave‘s is another story! This is VERY rare and quite adorable stuff. Please give these careful consideration as I honestly believe nothing like these will EVER come around again!

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