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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" (1938) - Cab Calloway Pencils

Continuing with Collection items from "Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" (1938), here are some pencils and storyboard items associated with Cab Calloway and his Band. This time, I'm putting some of my database notes below the images.

Cab Calloway Director's Drawing

DATABASE NOTES: From “Mother Goose Goes Hollywood” (1938). A Director’s pencil sketch of Cab Calloway emerging from pie Little Jack Horner sequence. This is where there is a "10 and 20 black birds" and Cab pops out of the pie with his band. At first, he's wet. Notes: "330"; "TM"?; "Yuba"?; "S6 - SC 49" 7-1/2m"; "Folo Ruffs!"; "St. White 3-1/2F"; "Balance black ink"; Color code numbers; Timing marks: 326 thru 330. [12W X 10H] SeqID 0209


Cab Calloway Pencil


Cab Calloway's Band Storyboard

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