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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" (1938) - Cab Calloway Sequence

Cab Calloway was great! I loved his music long before getting involved in animation. I came across several pencils of Cab Calloway and his orchestra from "Mother Goose..." and decided to frame them together. Fortunately, the pencils of the band members were reverse shots that let me put Cab in the center. I had the ovals cut to appear like spotlights and had the cut with the gold background (to match the brass) to break up the large black field. By the way, none of the pencil sheets have been trimmed...

"Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" (1938) - Cab Calloway and his Orchestra


Cab Calloway as drawn in the cartoon...

And here's a real photo of Cab Calloway from our collection...


Here's how the images are hung on the wall -- along with other Celeb images...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Pencil sketchs of Cab Calloway and his band from “Mother Goose Goes Hollywood” (1938). [~6Wx8H in 34Wx20H frame] SeqID-0007

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  1. This is a great collection and Cab Calloway was so frequently caricatured in cartoons : he appears in more than 35!
    Youcan watch some of them on my website and of course "Mother Goose".