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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Sleeping Beauty" (1959)-Eyvind Earle Concepts

With the posting of the "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) Master Background by Eyvind Earle, I thought it would be interesting to post some of the concept work I have in the collection. To learn more about the artist, check out THIS POST on Earle. By the way, I've included the shots of the framing so that you can see one approach to showing the animation artwork as serious art.

This first "Spinning Wheel Room" concept is interesting because it is such a close match to the other "Snow White" items that I have of the same sequence. Check out THIS POST and then come back!

"Sleeping Beauty" (1959)-Eyvind Earle Concept


Here is an interesting view from the room and balcony to the forest area outside the castle. I thought the strong verticals were very dramatic.


My son really liked this one! A great action shot and the line in the trees matched the Queen's back.


Most of Earle's art is on small pan piece of art board. This is the only one we have that doesn't fit that aspect ratio.


The following item, along with the top concept piece from the Spinning Room, is one of my favorites. Even though the colors and lines are not at all restful, I find it a calming piece. This piece has many of the qualities that I found interesting in his works toward the end of his life.


The Earle concept pieces are fun to collect because of their unique design. In addition, the items tend to be more dramatic than some of his backgrounds used in the film. In an upcoming post, I'll put in more of his backgrounds from the film.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Sleeping Beauty” (1959). A very dramatic Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) painting from ''Sleeping Beauty'' of 'Aurora' and the Spinning Wheel in 'Maleficent's' Tower Room. Signed by Eyvind Earle. [12”W x 6”H] SeqID-1443 8/1/2005

From “Sleeping Beauty” (1959). Signed Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) watercolor concept of woods from inside castle [18”W x 12”H] Acquired 2003. SeqID-0961 Updated: 8/1/2005

From “Sleeping Beauty” (1959). Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) signed watercolor concept of the dragon (Maleficent) from Sleeping Beauty. [18”W x 12”H] Acquired 2003. SeqID-0963 Updated: 8/1/2005

From “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) by Eyvind Earle. Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) concept art from Sleeping Beauty. A watercolor and gouache drawing depicts the Prince trying to make his way through a jungle of brambles to get to the castle high on the hill where the sleeping Princes awaits, signed lower right Eyvind Earle. CONDITION: the watercolor drawing is in very good condition. PROVENANCE: This was originally in the Jeff Lotman Collection of Animation Art that was sold by Sotheby's in April/May, 2001. [9"W x 7"H] SeqID 0950 8/5/2005

From “Sleeping Beauty” (1959). Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) signed watercolor concept of the castle from the woods. [18”W x 12”H] Acquired 2003. SeqID-0962 Updated: 8/1/2005


  1. What a stunning collection of Earle concepts you have here! They must be even more spectacular in person.

  2. - Thanks for the comment!

    - What strikes people first about the art is how small the images are...


  3. Bob - did you ever get out to Disneyland to see the revised Sc. 11 that we based on your concept art?

  4. Chris -- Thanks for the note! No, I have not had a chance to visit Disneyland and see what the Disney folks have done with the artwork!

    Best wishes for a great New Year


  5. Heya Bob - I was the art director on the castle walk through - we redid our sc. 11 based on the concept art you shared with us. I think it came out pretty good!

    and here's a video: