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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Robin Hood" (1973) - More Background

There were some great comments about the background that I just posted.  I thought I'd put up a higher resolution copy of the background (fully image).  Enjoy!

"Robin Hood" (1973) - Robin & Marian Key Set-up on Master Background

Here is a great 35-inch wide piece from Robin Hood.  Consists of cels of (1) Robin and Marian, (2) church doors, (3) detail edging of rocks on a watercolor pan master background.  A great piece...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Robin Hood” (1973).  The water color master background of the church when Robin Hood and Maid Marian leave after the wedding (no markings on the back of the background). The cels are key setup.  Consists of (1) watercolor pan master, (2) cel with detail edging of rocks, (3) cel of church doors, (4) cel of Robin and Marian arm-in-arm.  [35-1/8”W x 12.5”H]  SeqID 0398  7/15/2005