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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goofy-Model Sheets (circa 1937)

I love story boards and I love model sheets! The model sheets tend to show the characters at peak emotional moments or provide a window on their "default" characteristics. Here are a few from the drawers.

Goofy Model Sheet (circa 1937, original)

The model sheet above is a great piece. Unfortunately, I've screwed up the color in this image -- it's really the same color as the standard pencil paper and it is difficult to see some of the finer draft lines. Could have been traced, but when you look closely at the lines they don't seem to have the typical indications of hesitation. Looking at the back, you can clearly see the indentations from the pressure of the pencil.

While some of these original model sheets are difficult to come by, it is possible to get some pretty good looking photostats. Now, there are several generations of photostats and that could be the subject of another post. These are first-generation and the coloration is typical of early problems in "fixing" the image and a contaminated wash process (I know, when I first started using a photostat machine I tended to rush the process, not regularly clean the machine at night and didn't mix up fresh chemicals in the morning). Frankly, I like photostats that look like they were really used by animators -- it gives me a sense that they were part of history and not just sitting in some storage area.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Goofy model sheet. Excellent model sheet of Goofy in various poses. Notes: Looks to be original with some red pencil and circle sketching. Back: Number "37" on back. Many comments on the moods that are being described: "Eyes retain their same volume when stretched." [Item: 12"W x 10"H; Frame: 21”W x 19”H] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0296 Updated: 7/27/2005
-- Seller's comments: "This is an amazing image. The image can be found in "Walt Disney's Original Illustrated Biography," Chapter "Bringing Goofy to Life" Published in 1985. HP Books, Tucson AZ. The image is identical to that in the book.

A stat comparative size model sheet of Goofy. Signed "Don Towsley 8/4/37" [Unframed Item: 12.5"W x 10"H] Acquired 2000. SeqID-0502 Updated: 11/1/2005

A stat model sheet of Goofy swinging a bat. Signed "Don Towsley 8/4/37" [Unframed Item: 12.5"W x 10"H] Acquired 2000. SeqID-0501 Updated: 11/1/2005


  1. Very nice Bob, I love this stuff. I have a couple of the Donald and Mickey's by Don Towsley. Do you have any Oswald material?

  2. Mark - I have two of Oswald. I'll try to get those up soon. Thanks!

  3. Once again, Bob....

    Simply astounding!