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Monday, May 12, 2008

"Old MacDonald Duck" (1941)-Pan Master Backgrounds

Here are two great Pan Master Backgrounds from "Old MacDonald Duck" (1941). Both backgrounds are over 4-feet wide!



SeqID-0318. I like this one because it demonstrates a change in perspective as you move from left to right -- to provide a change as a characters approaches the camera and then walks away. A number of backgrounds I see tend to be fairly flat -- simple lateral pans as the subject moves from one point to another. In addition, the detail on both of these is great. [Note: Don't forget to click on the image to see a larger view.]

SeqID-0319. This is a fantastic elevated view with outstanding detail. On this background, there was a significant area on either side of the background that was used to wipe the brushes during the watercolor process (see the framed view at the top of this blog). Since I hate to cut/trim anything, I thought I would go ahead and frame the background with the wipe area exposed. I'm sure there are folks that would have covered it up, but it gives me one more conversation point. After eight years of showing the piece, I think this unusual framing has helped people get more out of the piece than they would have with a more traditional frame.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Old MacDonald Duck” (1941). Pan master background of farm yard with wheel barrow in center. Donald Duck cartoon. [Frame: 60W x 21”H; Image: 50”W x 12”H] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0318 Updated: 7/14/2005

From “Old MacDonald Duck” (1941). Pan master water color background of farm yard (aerial view) from this Donald Duck film directed by Jack King. Acquired 1998. SeqID-0319 Updated: 7/16/2005


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