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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Casper" - Pencil Sketch

I don't have any production data to identify this Famous Studio Casper film -- "M26" is on the sheet.

This pencil sheet is one of the more unusual sheets I've seen. On the front is the typical pencil sketch, but on the reverse is some light pastel coloring. Normally, all you would see is the pencil sketch, but when you hold the paper up so that there is light behind the sketch, you can see Casper change color! Interesting... But I have no idea why someone would modify the sketch...

Unusual Casper Sketch

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Pencil sketch of Casper thinking. Note: "M26" "Do not ink bridge on nose" If you hold up Casper, you can see through him to the sheet (so he looked like a ghost). 3-hole punch at top of page. [12.5”W x 10.5”H] Acquired 1996. SeqID-0446


  1. Some animators (or oftentimes assistants) like to do their roughs on the back of the paper so they can do a clean up on the front without wasting paper.
    Obviously, only the front of the paper would be inked. This was especially prevalent with xerography so that the front of the drawing would stay clean.

    Helen Komar was an assistant at Paramount who did this often.

  2. Michael-
    - Thanks for your comment. I didn't realize that some animators would use both sides of the paper.
    - Thanks for the note about Helen Komar. I'll check out her bio.


  3. Hi Bob,

    Just ran across your info. I live here in Denver and hope to meet you some time.

    I suspect the addition treatment to the drawing is because the cel and drawing were at one time stored together and there was some chemical process between the two. I have several of these Casper cels also and it looks to me that the transparent paint of rhe cel altered the paper slightly. Best, Frank