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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Buck Rogers" - Dick Calkins Signed Drawings

For those interested in Science Fiction (kind of...), Buck Rogers is one of those "must have" items for a collection.

Getting comic art from Dick Calkins is always fantastic, but it is even nicer when you can pick up some one-off items. These two are great examples.

The top item was drawn for a fan in the 1930's and was drawn on hotel stationary. It is amazing that Calkins would care enough about his fan base to draw something as detailed as this while on the road.

Dick Calkins Sketch circa 1930

The second item is from 25+ years later. The lines are bolder. Striking use of color. There is nothing shy about this piece. It certainly shows the change in Calkins' art.

Dick Calkins Sketch 1957

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From Dick Calkins’ “Buck Rogers” (circa 1930). Note: “To Stuart Nelson Regards from Buck Rogers and Lt. Dick Calkins”; “Battle of Minneapolis 2432 A.D.”; “There’s one down, Stuart! You get the other!” [8”W x 11”H] SeqID-1452

Seller: Bob, I've been offered this early 1930s 'Buck Rogers' pencil on paper drawing. The 3 lines at top center are 'whiteout' over some stationary heading. The price is 3.5k but to me that seems a bit strong. It's 8'' x 11''. LB: The Buck Rogers piece is something that I think is REALLY, REALLY SPECIAL! I don’t know of any other piece of original Calkins Buck Rogers art like it! It represents some of the earliest original Sci-Fi “Space Art” ever done. The one man open cockpit space ship and the ray gun are fabulous details.

From “Buck Rogers” (1957) by Dick Calkins. Dick Calkins’ Image of Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering (1957). Note: “To Eldon ‘Don’ Everett Regards Dick Calkins 7-24-57”; “Buck Rogers”; “Wilma Deering” [Item: 10.5”W x 13.5”H; Frame: 15.5”W x 18”H] Acquired 2005. SeqID-0292 Updated: 8/3/2005


  1. I love this! thanks for sharing!

    Check out They have a model you might like. cheers

  2. If anyone is familiar with Calkin's love of the 'old west' and his retirement days (armed with a pair of Colt 45's) in Klondike, AZ, feel free to contact me. He became very interested in the 'Power's Boys' and their shoot-out (and killings) of several lawmen. AZ historical society has lots of info. I do too, including some of his 'stuff'.