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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Bootle Beetle" (1947) - Scrapbook Cels

Here are a couple of items that have an interesting history.

I bid on an item that was described as a "scrapbook of Disney related items." When I received the package, I was surprised that there were a number of cels included in the scrapbook. Unfortunately, a significant number of the cels were ruined when the red paper behind the cels bled onto the white of the cel's ink. A few survived...

In some cases, I preserved the cel and others were interesting enough to get framed. The following item looks better when mounted on an original Disney production background from an unknown film.

Original Bootle Beetle Cel

Cel Mounted On Production Background

Another Original Cel Left Unframed

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From "Bootle Beetle" (1947). Cel from the Scrapbook Collection of the older Bootle Beetle on a production background (unknown 1940’s Disney film). [5”W x 6”H] SeqID-1434 7/29/2005

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