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Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Country Cousin" (1936) [Series] - Abner Kicks Butt

I took this photo shortly after buying my first digital camera, a Nikon D1. The light fall-off on the copy stand was terrible. I should have scanned it, but I didn't have a scanner at that time...

This is a great piece because of it's dual sheet construction and character depiction. As I've mentioned, I like to find pieces that best describe a character and/or film. And there are a number of points in a film where different aspects of a character past or emerging personality can best be portrayed.

As Abner becomes "acclimatized" to City Life his character changes. Overwhelmed by all that he sees Abner takes on the Cat demonstrating more courage than Monty (although alcohol may have something to do with it). This images captures one of the film's "forks in the road" as Abner's character continues to develop.

Abner Kicks Butt [click to enlarge]

I should note that is composite consists of a two-sheet depiction of the cat, with the trimmed sheet of Abner placed on top. I've never really been in favor of trimming original art, but often dealers would find creative ways of combining images to increase marketability.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Country Cousin” (1936). Two pencil sketches combined to show Abner kicking back of cat. Double wide with good registration. 24w X 10h. "Reg 39B in reg" (cat is "39B") "FIN" Back: Country Cousin 800" [Unframed Item: 24"W x 10"H] Acquired 2000. SeqID-0465

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