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Friday, March 27, 2009

"Country Cousin" (1936) [Series] - Abner Pencils

Abner, the stereotypical Country Bumpkin, is an interesting character, but not as "deep" as Monty.

This first image is a really nice piece of art. I loved the expression on Abner's face -- I can't count the number of days I've felt like this...

Woeful Abner [click to enlarge]

Full Frame Abner

This image is nice because it's a large one, but I probably wouldn't buy it again because of the eyes being closed...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Country Cousin” (1936). Pencil sketch of Abner. Abner center with umbrella. "95" [Unframed Item: 12"W x 10"H] Acquired 2000. SeqID-0462

From “Country Cousin” (1936). Pencil sketch of Abner. Eyes closed, holding hand to cheek "21" [Unframed item: 12"W x 10”H] Acquired 2000. SeqID-0463

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