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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Casper" - 1950 Stat Model Sheet

While not in the same league as Disney, I certainly remember watching Casper cartoons on the TV. Here are a few Casper items from the Famous Studio...

1950 Casper Stat Model Sheet

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Casper Model Sheet. Dated "4/13/50." Stat model sheet of Casper. On bottom row, Casper is shown lifting a little boy. Glossy paper. [Item: 14”W X 11.5”H] Acquired 1999. SeqID-0431


  1. In specific, the model sheet's mention of "Avoid profiles as much as possible" makes so much sense.

    In general, here's my long overdue "Thank you" for continually sharing your marvelous collection.

  2. - Thanks for the comment.
    - I had seen the note, but didn't think too much of it until your observation. Thanks.
    - It is interesting, however, that there are a number of semi-profile poses in the model sheet. But no direct profiles...

    By the way, your blog is fantastic! I was looking over your recent storyboard and remembered I have a complete storyboard for a Yogi the Bear episode that I should post...


  3. Yeah, I imagine that the more direct the profile, than the less of a ethereal gelatinous semi-transparent ghost he becomes.

    Thanks for the compliments. Will look forward to the Yogi storyboard.