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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goofy Stuff [2 of 5] - Original Goofy Model Sheet

Here's a nice original model sheet...

Goofy Model Sheet

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From an unknown film. Goofy model sheet. Excellent model sheet of Goofy in various poses. Notes: Looks to be original with some red pencil and circle sketching. Back: Number "37" on back. Many comments on the moods that are being described: "Eyes retain their same volume when stretched." [Item: 12"W x 10"H; Frame: 21”W x 19”H] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0296 Updated: 7/27/2005

Other comments: "Sides of snout turn up in a smile & the corners of the mouth show -- snout droops down in anger"; "Hairs follow brow down in a frown"; "Hit fits over top not"; "Crotch stretches"; "Mouthful"; "Ouch!"; Every costume the Goof wears is loose fitting & has a low crotch"; "Big shoulders when needed"

11/14/2000 Update From Seller: "This is an amazing image. It is the actual model sheet and not a tracing. I found the image in Walt Disney's Original Illustrated Biography, Chapter 'Bringing Goofy to Life' Published in 1985. HP Books, Tucson AZ. The image is identical to that in the book."

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