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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Winnie Winkle" - 1927 & 1930 Martin Branner Pages

When I first saw these strips created by a former vaudeville star, Martin Branner (1888-1970), I was unaware that there were strips centered around women in the late 1920's. Not only that, but this was a working woman who was strong and independent.

Branner's strip first appeared in 1920 and lasted until Branner died in 1970, which places it in the "Top 10 Longest Running Strip of All Time." During its run, it became the role model for strips like "Brenda Star" and "Kathy" and is credited as the beginning of all "working woman" strips.

Martin Branner's "Winnie Winkle"

We decided to frame all three of the strips in one frame so the viewer could read all three of the pages and get an appreciation for the unique aspects of Branner's effort.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From Martin Branner’s “Winnie Winkle” (1927-1930). Three Winnie Winkle strips. (Top) “Winnie Winkle: Wrong number" (1927). Done by Martin Branner (1888-1970). "6-15" Copyright 1927 by Chicago Tribune. "June 5th (92)" (Middle) “Winnie Winkle: Ready - Set - Go” (1930). Typewriting endurance contest. Done by Martin Branner. "Tues Oct. 21" Copyright 1930 Chicago Tribune. "OK KH" (Bottom) “Winnie Winkle: Out of Print" (1930). Done by Martin Branner. "Oct. 23" Copyright 1930 Chicago Tribune. "OK KH" [3 @ Item: 23-1/8"W x 6 15/16"H] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0353 Updated: 7/25/2005

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