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Friday, August 8, 2008

"Peter Pan" (1953) - Tink Director's Drawing and Cel

"Tink" is one of those "gotta have" characters (everybody clap) for broad spectrum collectors!

I liked this pencil because it showed that moment when Tinkerbell realized her hips were bigger than she thought.

Tinkerbell Director's Drawing

From the same "hip" sequence, this cel shows Tinkerbell in the drawer, looking at the mirror and checking out her hips. The Courvoisier set-up consists of the cel and a background that is attributed to a Disney Studio artist.

Tinkerbell Courvoisier Cel

----- FRAMED IMAGES -----

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Peter Pan” (1953). A director’s drawing of Tinkerbell as she uses her hands to measure the width of her hips. #"A" [Image: 14-3/4"W x 11.25"H. Frame: 24-3/8"W x 20-3/4"H] Acquired 1990. SeqID-0099 8/3/2005

From “Peter Pan” (1953). Courvoisier cel and custom production background of Tinkerbell looking at her hips (bent to left). [Image: 6 15/16"W x 8-3/16"H] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0309

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  1. You have quite a Great Collection, and many of my personal Favorites!

    I'll keep watching your Blog for new additions to the collection!