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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fisher Price "Pop-up Kritter" Pluto Toy (circa 1935)

I thought this was an interesting toy. You can put the base of the toy under one of your legs and pull the strings to make Pluto dance. It was better than listening to some of the radio programs back then!

Fisher Price Dancing Pluto Toy

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Pluto Paddle Toy made by Fisher Price (circa 1930). In working order. This vintage early 1930s toy, Pat. No. 1,801,888, is a Fisher Price POP-UP KRITTER featuring Walt Disney's PLUTO. [Length: 9-3/4". Height including tail: 7"] Acquired 1998. SeqID-0569. Updated: 3/29/1998


  1. I have the same toy!!! It belonged to my father when he was a kid. Take good care of your kritter. Mine is missing an ear... sad.

  2. Strange . . . I have one, too, and it is also missing an ear . . . hmmmmmm.

    It wasn't my father's, though, it was mine (and still is).

    I don't remember what happened to its ear . . . possibly eaten by the real dog.

  3. I have Pluto too. It has both ears. It is in excellent shape for being so old. I played with it as a child. Strings have been replaced because of so much use.
    How much would you say it is worth ?
    I will sell mine if the price is right.