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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1931 Rollerland Mickey Mouse Skating Party Airplane

As a pilot, I tend to collect animation pieces that have some aviation element in them. This item was very interesting. In those early days, it was very difficult for Disney to keep people from using the Mickey Mouse image to promote their own events and/or products. Mickey was on milk bottles, toy plates and numerous other items. Eventually, Disney was able to curb much of the use of Mickey Mouse in the U.S., but dealing with copyright issues internationally was a more difficult task.

1931 Rollerland Mickey Mouse "Holiday Skating Party" Fold-up Airplane

This sheet was unusual in that it was in near-mint condition -- except for a slight rust mark from a paper clip, there are no folds, stains or other blemishes that are often found on any printed item from the early 1930's. AND (if you make a copy of the image on stiff paper) you can actually see the Mickey Mouse airplane fly!

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Rollerland Mickey Mouse “Skating Vacation Party” flyer (1931). A promotional piece developed by Rollerland in Oakland, CA Note: Pie-eyed Mickey. For March 27-April 5, 1931. Skating Vacation Party at Rollerland, Telegraph Ave. at 55th St., Oakland, CA. G.L. Small, Manager Acquired 2004. SeqID-1167 8/3/2005

Seller's Notes: Here’s something which might be a VERY cool addition to your toy collection because it is Mickey & involves aviation. This is a very, very early Disney Licensed Premium of 'Mickey Mouse' from 1931, done specifically for Rollerland in Oakland, CA. It’s a 'Mickey Mouse' cutout plane that is still in original uncut condition. I don't think a second piece like this has ever been seen. Paper items like this, which are in PERFECT condition demand a very high premium (price wise) in the market. It’s unlikely that another will EVER turn up.

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