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Friday, August 8, 2008

"Peter Pan" (1953) - Tiger Lily Cel & 1940 Color Model Sheet

I like Tiger Lily. A strong female character who doesn't give up her friends and stands up to Hook's physical (drowning) and psychological torture (can't get to the Happy Hunting Ground).

This cel seemed to really capture her defiant character! It probably needs a background, but the plain background does draw attention to the character.

Cel of Tiger Lily

The Color Model Sheet of Tiger Lily (dated 11/1/1940) portrays Tiger Lily in an early design phase. The facial features are rounder and there is a less "attitude" shown.

Color Model Sheet of Tiger Lily

----- FRAMED IMAGES -----

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Peter Pan” (1953). Beautiful full figure cel of Tiger Lily showing how "strong" she can be. Image: 4-7/8"W x 10.25"H. Frame: 12-3/8"W x 17-3/4"H] Acquired 1991. SeqID-0102 8/6/2005

From “Peter Pan” (1953). An excellent color model sheet of Tiger Lily. Three very large and well done images with Tiger Lily in a defiant pose. Stamped with "Model Department 11/1/40". "Suggestions for Tiger Lily." This is very rare and unusual. [Image: 13-3/8"W x 10 15/16"H] Acquired 1992. SeqID-0101


  1. This is so cool!! My school (UMS) is putting on a play in drama class, and I'm gonna be tiger lily!!! I think this describes her very well. Keep doing what you do!!!

  2. Never HEARD of Tiger Lily, I hope they have a Tiger Lily in Peter Pan 3, which I dont know if it exists!

  3. I've always liked Tiger Lily; she's a damsel in distress with a twist. She's beautiful, but also noble, brave and loyal, and faces torture. The only thing she says is "Hel-(glub)" but her actions do speak louder than words, as does attitude.

  4. "Me Tiger Lily," that lovely creature would reply. "Peter Pan save me, me his velly nice friend. Me no let pirates hurt him."

    Charming how Barrie knew the Indian Priincess should speak with some kind of cute accent but had no idea how it might go.