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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Snow White" (1937;1983) [Series] - Snow White Sunday

A series of postings of "Snow White" items in the Cowan Collection [click Here to see the contact sheet of items in the postings]

Let me start the posting of "Snow White" material in the collection with a piece that left for auction a couple of days ago...

This is really a great scene to have -- the sequence where the Huntsman pulls the knife to kill Snow White, but has a change of heart. From a character standpoint, you have the Queen with the great "Silence" line, a great evil look, the Hunstman's evil and ashamed looks, Snow White with her innocent look, the loss of innocence and the final despair as she runs to the woods not knowing what she will find...

It is interesting that you have this kind of dramatic scene so early in the film. From my perspective, many of the Disney films have the "edge of the seat" moments later in the film. Frankly, having this unexpected near-death experience for Snow White take place early in the film probably heightened the overall dramatic nature...

There isn't a year on the sheet, but it would appear that it was scheduled to run on April 3rd. I just don't have the reference material to figure out the year of publication...

NOTE: I received a note from Joakim Gunnarsson on the date:
Actually this is from 1983. It ran from March 13 to June 26.
Probably written by Carl Fallberg with art by Richard Moore.

Joakim Gunnarsson
Thanks, Joakim...

Snow White and the Huntsman Sequence (click to enlarge)

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Snow White” comic strip (unknown date). Original pen and ink of “Snow White” Sunday page. Disney and King Features started syndication BEFORE the film was in general release to promote attendance. In this Sunday edition, the Hunter takes Snow White to the woods. Date is unknown, but could have been in the 1950’s. Notes: “4-3”; “Walt Disney’s Treasury of Classic Tales”; “Distributed by King Features Syndicate”; “Walt Disney Productions World Rights Reserved.” [Image: 22-11/16"W x 15-11/16"H. Frame: 29"W x 22"H] Acquired 1990. SeqID-0131 5/5/2008

Toonopedia: Snow White had its world premiere on December 21, 1937. It was preceded by a serialized version in the Sunday comics, written by Merrill deMaris and drawn by Hank Porter, which King Features Syndicate began distributing on December 12, 1937.


  1. This art is not from the late 1930s pre-film premiere strip drawn by Disney Merchandise and Publicty Art Department artist Hank Porter.

    As noted, this strip was part of the "Walt Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales" series, which began in July 1952.

    Hope this helps.


  2. David -
    - Thanks for the info on the July 1952 date for the "Treasury of Classic Tales."
    - I agree that this strip wasn't from the 1930's. Sorry if it sounded that way. I just had a note about the initial run.
    - My guess was that it was in the 1950's (which is why I put the two dates in the headline).

  3. Hi!
    Actually this is from 1983. It ran from March 13 to June 26.
    Probably written by Carl Fallberg with art by Richard Moore.

    /Joakim Gunnarsson.