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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

----- ADDING TO THE SALE ----- : Photo Signed by Walt Disney

Well, the folks from Heritage Auctions were at the house yesterday going over the Comic Art and Artifacts from the Space Program that I'll be putting up. One of the items that I decided to add to the items that will auctioned off is the photograph that Walt Disney gave to Ingeborg Willy in 1937, the woman from the Pen & Ink Department responsible for the wonderful Scrapbook I often cite here. It's a great shot of Walt in what is sometimes called a "Hollywood Pose."

Walt's Signed Photo For Ingeborg Willy

We put the photo is a very elegant frame that gives some great "weight" to the shot. Sorry about the color shift to blue. The scan above is color-correct...


  1. Wow.
    Photo with the autograph.
    Thanks, Bob!

  2. Hi Bob.

    I hope you would reconsider selling this photo. The photo really needs to stay with the scrapbook, seeing as though the two sets of artifacts are associated. It would be a real shame to split them up.

  3. David - You bring up an excellent point. Frankly, the historian in me would like to see the book remain "whole." I think I'll create a post on this subject.