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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Lady and The Tramp" (1955) [Series] - Cels of Lady and Tramp on a Master Background

Part of the "Lady and the Tramp" series in the Cowan Collection [click Here to see all the images].

This is one of the nicer backgrounds.

The scene is where the shy Lady looks around the boxes and is recognized by Tony. A great bit. Lady's expression is in keeping with her emerging character and adds to the overall impact. The detail on the background is fantastic -- especially the lettuce shading. Also notice the light and shadows behind Lady providing a great way to make sure her outline doesn't get lost in the shadows. It just has a beautiful "feel."

The person that sold it to me had a spare Tramp cel lying around and included it when it was framed. Although it's a great cel of Tramp, I've never liked the final product -- I think it is distracting. The whole focus of the scene is Lady's emergence into this new world and the smiling Tramp tends to up-stage the scene. One of these days, I'll take Tramp out of the piece...

Tramp and Lady on a Master Background

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Lady and the Tramp” (1955). Key set up cel of Lady on a master background as she watches Tramp beg for food from Tony. The cel of Tramp was added to take advantage of the good Tramp image. [16”W x 9”H] Acquired 1991. SeqID-0061 Updated: 7/26/2005

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