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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Lady and The Tramp" (1955) [Series] - Opening Watercolor Master Background

Part of the "Lady and the Tramp" series in the Cowan Collection [click Here to see all the images].

Most collectors start out collecting cels. Then picking up some pencils. Then backgrounds. I remember when I saw my first background. I was stunned. They were far more detailed than I thought they would be and I was struck by the amount of time it must have taken to produce this wonderful piece of art that would be on the screen for only a few seconds. Amazing. By the way, if you are interested in other backgrounds go to "Content By Category" and click on "Type-Background."

At first, I liked this background, but it has grown on me over the years and it has become one of my favorites.

This is the opening scene in the film. Many people don't remember the scene, so I thought I'd put up some screen captures from the DVD to show the progression. First, the opening dog-related quotes, a brief de-focused establishing shot and then the scene cleans up and a slow zoom-in on the background.

Opening Sequence

Here's the framed image...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Lady and the Tramp” (1955). Master background for the opening shot in Lady and the Tramp. The scene is of Winter. There is a long, slow zoom to the house where Lady is first introduced as a Christmas present. "Cine + stand" "2079 - 14 - BG #2" [Frame: 35”W x 21”H; Item: 27"w x 12"h] Acquired 1999. SeqID-0417 Updated: 8/1/2005


  1. Sweet! I can almost sense a bit of idealized Currier & Ives to them -- all they'd need was to be populated.