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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Lady and The Tramp" (1951) - Michael Sporn Blog

I was knocked out by the pencils of the Bella Notte scene from "Lady and The Tramp" that Michael posted on his blog. I would highly recommend that you take a moment to check it out.

Portions of the pencil group was featured on page 101 in "Too Funny For Words" by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston (shown below)

Pencils from "Too Funny For Words" (click to enlarge)

In the Comments section of Michael's blog there were several references to the pencil test of the scene. I've embedded the Quicktime here...

Frank Thomas (Lady and the Tramp) from Victor Ens on Vimeo.

And here is the piece in our collection...

"Belle Notte" Sequence

There are three cels here: Lady, Tramp and the cloth table cover. The trimmed cels were applied to another cel and mounted over a Master Background from another scene in the alley. Below is the actual scene from the DVD (I have not had time to find the scene for the background in my framed piece). I should point out that there are differences in the coloring due to differences in my photo technique and the changes when capturing from a DVD.

Scene from the Disney DVD

What makes the piece work for me is that Lady and The Tramp are totally unaware of what is about to happen -- BUT WE KNOW! Every time I watch this scene I always have the same reaction as the first time I watched the film as an adult - the quiet smile that comes from the realization you know something about what is to happen before the characters in the film!

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Thomas, Frank & Johnston, Ollie. Too Funny for Words. NY: AbbeVille Press, 1987. ISBN 0-89659-747-4. SeqID-1503. Page 101.

From “Lady and the Tramp” (1955). Lady and the Tramp “Bella Notte” setup - (1) a 22” x 10” Disney watercolor Master Production Background of the alley behind Tony’s Restaurant with (2 ) production cel of Lady, (3) production cel of Tramp and (4) very rare production cel cloth covered table. The cels have been trimmed and applied to a cover cel. [22”W x 10”H] Acquired 2004. SeqID-1142. Updated: 7/30/2005

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