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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Hippo In A Tutu" - Cowan Collection In Print

(All the rights belong to Disney, Disney Enterprises, Mindy Aloff and anyone else I've left out...)

I had the pleasure of going through Mindy Aloff's book "Hippo In A Tutu" today. A great read -- especially the last half of the book.

A while ago I was contacted by Alex Rannie and was asked if I had some items that might pertain to Ms. Aloff's dance focus. I sent Mr. Rannie a collection of items that I thought might be of interest and out of that group a few appeared in the book.

I must admit, it's great to see some of the artwork you own appear in print! So, I thought I'd share the pages in Mindy's book and the original art from the collection... By the way, until I opened the book I had no idea as to how the art would be used...

[Mindy Aloff posted a comment after I put up the original (see below). I would like to echo her comment and make sure everyone knows that Ms. Aloff was kind enough to credit Jenny and I for the use of the images. Thanks, Mindy! The pleasure was all ours! -- Bob]

Page 23

“A ballet of playing cards -- an animation drawing from Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cartoon ‘Thru The Mirror.”

Page 58

Leica Reel of Mickey from "Fantasia."

Page 103

"Mr. Duck Steps Out" Title Card

What was not shown was Walt's sign-off on the card...

Page 113

"A Les Blair story sketch of Hyacinth Hippo being partnered enthusiastically in arabesque on pointe by Ben Ali Gator in "Dance of the Hours." Les Blair was married to Disney inspirational artist Mary Blair."

Page 155

“A production cel on a non-production background of the Pilgrims’ Procession in Fantasia’s ‘Ave Maria.’”

Pages 156, 157, 158 & 159

“Animator models (all painted by Mary Blair) of Mlle. Upanova, Elephanchine, Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator from Fantasia’s ‘Dance of the Hours’.”

Page 176 - Final Page!

I was extremely pleased that an item from our collection was featured on the last page of the book! I didn't know where any of the art would be placed and, for me, it was an honor to be of some assistance...

“A pastel sketch (possibly by Jules Engel) of the little Orchid Dancer for Fantasia’s ‘Nutcracker Suite’.”

Thanks, Mindy, for allowing some of our artwork to help you make your point!


  1. Bob--how cool is that!


  2. It was a privilege and a joy to be permitted to use your wonderful art, Bob. Just to add: your kind loans were all credited, too.

  3. Mindy - I'm sorry I didn't make it clear that you did an exceptional job of providing us with credits in the book. I changed the opening section of this post to reflect my omission... :)


  4. George - It was "neat." It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!