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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"The Alpine Climbers" (1936) [Series] - Ingeborg Willy Scraps and Limited Edition

These are the full holdings on "The Alpine Climber."

The 1936 film has Mickey (voiced by Walt Disney), Donald (Clarence Nash) and Pluto (Pinto Colvig) climbing a mountain. A good short with lots of slapstick comedy.

Clarence Nash (who came from Oklahoma) was already on the radio voicing a goat (inspired by his own goat, Mary) when Disney heard him. Nash voiced Donald for some 50 years and he also voiced Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie. After Cliff Edwards died in 1971, Nash took over the voice of Jiminy Cricket. By the way, here is a picture taken by Ingeborg Willy (who worked in the Pen and Ink Department) of Nash as he walked to work.

Pinto Colvig, in my opinion, has to be one of the most versatile performers I've read about. A history in vaudeville; drew his own cartoons for The San Francisco Chronicle; had his own animation business; worked with Walter Lantz; voiced Pluto, Goofy, Grumpy, Sleepy and The Practical Pig for Disney; voice Popeye's Bluto for Fleischer; sang as a Munchkin in "Wizard of Oz"; created "Bozo the Clown"; and in 1963 he became a leading voice in the anti-smoking effort before dying of lung cancer in 1967. There are a number of excellent articles on Colvig -- a short bio can be found on IMDB. A fantastic career and made significant contributions to the entire field through his work for a number of animation houses...

Here are some scraps of Donald that were in the Ingeborg Willy Scrapbook...

Donald Scraps

In 1989, Disney released a set of two Limited Edition items to celebrate Mickey's 60th. One was from "Little Whirlwind" and the other was from "The Alpine Climbers" (seen here).

"The Alpine Climbers" Limited Edition (424/950)

While some collectors limit their collections to only originals, we have always had a tendency to buy items that we simply like. As I've mentioned before, living in a high (8500-feet), dry climate in Colorado means that our cels are confined to an area that we can keep humidified. In other areas of the house we hang pencils and water colors. We also place a few of the Limited Editions in the non-humidified areas to add color and variety.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Alpine Climbers” Limited Edition (1936; 1989). Limited Edition: 424/950. Part of two in the 1989 60th Mickey set Limited Edition. [15.25”W x 11”H] SeqID 0022

From “Ingeborg Willy’s Scrapbook” (1936-1937). A scrapbook of photos, pencil drawings and other items put together by Ingeborg Willy, who was an inker for Disney from 11/23/36 to 11/26/41 and who died in 1999. Acquired 1998. SeqID-0243 Updated: 7/28/2005

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