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Monday, April 6, 2009

How Is Animation Defined Anyway? Not that I care...


1) Gaming. My daughter first introduced me to Final Fantasy, a Massive Multiplayer Game, hosted on a large game server a number of years ago. I thought the game animation was interesting and the Avatar concept caught my attention.

2) Computer Lip-Sync. Then I saw the famous "Numa Numa" lip-sync on YouTube and thought it was great. I could see myself doing something like that when I was growing up --- Ah, if there had only been personal computers! And it introduced me to the musical group Ozone! For those that have not seen the original (now with 27 Million views!), here is the direct link to the initial YouTube video.

3) Combine 'em. Then I came across a video/animation where someone combined "Numa Numa" and the actions of various MMP Avatars -- with fun results....

PS - I just finished watching the video again. I continue to be struck by the rate high quality editing software is moving into the hands of the casual user. When I first started producing video it was using Assemble Edit options on 3" Ampex video recorders using Real Time switching. Then Avid software, then editing video from my Canon XL-1 (which had amazing quality) using Adobe Premiere. The things you can do.... By the way, I continue to be "wow'd" by the Anime music videos being created using great songs and clips from Anime video (and some game screen captures). If you're interested, check out the Anime Music Video web site.


1) Select Full Screen. You can't get the effect by just watching the small version.

2) For better quality, Click in the center of the thumbnail
TWICE to be re-directed to the YouTube page, where you can then select the Full Screen option. Clicking the icon below the thumbnail can introduce some loss of sync between the video and audio.

Or here is the direct link to YouTube.

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