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Sunday, December 28, 2008

"The Big Bad Wolf" (1934) - Color Pencil of the Big Bad Wolf

It sure seems like every time someone references "The Big Bad Wolf" (1934) the image of the Big Bad Wolf suspended by a rope is used!

Here is a great color pencil! What I really liked about this image was the fact that the Wolf's eyes were closed -- to heighten the "Angelic" effect.

Color Pencil of the "Big Bad Wolf"

Here are some other similar images from the same scene. The first is an image from the Disney web site and the second is the Big Bad Wolf pin... Each image provides a different representation of the Wolf's character. But, frankly, I like the image I picked up primarily because it does not underscore the Wolf's true nature -- but rather supports the Wolf's charade.

In keeping with my desire not to trim the pencil drawings, here's how it was framed. I didn't care for all the white space around the Wolf and decided to put the focus on the Wolf by cutting the matte off-center and adding a cut similar to the wand he was carrying and added the crown to further emphasize the absurd quality of his disguise....

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “The Big Bad Wolf” (1934). A color pencil sketch of the wolf in a little ballet outfit dancing. Very cute expression. Walt Disney pin of similar design (SeqID-1813). [Mat over uncut 12”W x 9.5”H sheet]. [Image: 5-5/8"W x 7-5/16"H; Frame: 15-5/8"W x 13-5/8"H] Acquired 1992. SeqID-0010 Updated: 8/3/2005

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