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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Beach Picnic" (1939) - 2-Cel Setup of Donald on Watercolor Master Background

This is one of the more striking pieces in the collection. The cels are great. It's a great action image of Don. AND the background is really great!

One cel is of Donald running. Another cel is for the water effects. The watercolor master production pan background is very detailed and hit with a varnish overlay to dull it a little.

2-Cel Setup On A Pan Master Background
(Click to Enlarge)

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Beach Picnic” (1939). 2 cel setup of Donald and water effects on a watercolor master production background. [25”W x 15”H] Acquired 2004. SeqID-1202 Updated: 8/1/2005

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