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Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Babes In The Woods" (1932) - Norm Ferguson Pencil

Here's another example of selecting artwork based on the character's image...

Below are two images of the Witch and the two children on the broom. The first is an image that Patrick at sent me (a replacement to the image I used from the Disney web site). Notice the expression on the Witch's face. It sure looks like she's having as much fun as the kids! Additionally, the item from the Disney site has a much more "laid back" feel to it, while the pencil seems to show the sense of urgency and the Witch speeds toward her cottage. In the pencil sketch (attributed to Norm Ferguson) the Witch's real personality seems to be emerging once everyone is on the broom and the kids can't see her. I think the pencil we picked up has a much more sinister and dark quality -- a foreboding of events to come!

The Witch's Character -- Disney Web Site & Norm Ferguson

[NOTE: I received an email from Patrick at with a much better quality image of the one I used when I first generated this post. Patrick, thanks so much for your help.]

As a collector, if you were faced with these two as pencils -- which would you buy? What is it that drives your collector's "eye"?

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Babes In The Woods” (1932). The Witch, which was the model for the witch in Snow White, is flying a broom with the two babes on the front. Directed by Bert Gillett. The drawings are attributed to Norm Ferguson who did the witch here and the witch in Snow White. Take off on Hansel & Gretle. Silly Symphony. Released 11/19/1932. [Image: 10-1/16"W x 8-1/16"H; Frame: 18.5"W x 16-3/8"H] Acquired 1992. SeqID-0027 Reference: For similar image, see “The Art of WD” pg. 76.

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