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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Off Line For a Bit

Sorry about not posting material.  I had a heart attack and am just getting back in the grove.

No history, Not over weight. I run 5 days a week. Eat well.... Ah, well.  And it was a big one - I gather that only about 1% survive more than 4 hours....   I guess there are more blogs I need to write before I can sign-off!

More soon.....  !




  1. All the best on a speedy recovery. Thank goodness you are one of the hardy 1%!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you are healing and getting better and stronger. Get better, I miss reading and seeing your collection.

  3. Very sorry to hear. Get well soon!

  4. Get well, soon!

    Glad to hear that you pulled through.

  5. All best wishes for a super-fast recovery!

  6. This news comes as a big wishes for a quick and full recovery Bob!

  7. Oh my gosh! The blog can wait, hope you get better soon. I look forward to more Dumbo stuff whenever you return!

  8. Hi. I'm a new reader. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! That's daunting that you had no warning signs and you were fit etc. Makes me wonder about my own ticker!

  9. Thanks, folks!

    Back home and feeling much better! Back walking and exercising the heart a little bit.

    Also, I'm part of a Stage 3 clinical trial of the use of adult stem cells to repair the areas of the heart that were damaged. The stem cells, when administered within 7 days of the heart attack, seek out the damaged muscles and turn into new, replacement muscles avoiding some of the problems associated with the scaring that sometimes occurs. Lots of additional testing and follow-up.

    An interesting feeling to be part of a clinical trial... but the candidates for the trial are limited to only those with the most severe heart attacks -- an indication of the severity of my heart attack... Good to be up and walking around!

    Thanks for your comments and emails!

    Bob ;D

  10. Bob: Thanks God you are still with us. I just read this today and hope you are feeling much much better and that we will have a chance to meet face to face this year or next.

  11. Didier --

    thanks for the note... Still pretty tired and just have not been up to posting new entries yet. But I'm feeling better.... Thanks, again! bob ;D

  12. I hope you are doing well! I'm new at blogging & you are only the 2nd blog I visited and, posted a comment. I love what you are doing and hope you continue... I have a piece of original art (bronze sculpture)I am looking to turn over only to a collector or serious animator-type, by Harry Holt. If you know of anyone or, if I am allowed (since I don't know blog rules) to post here, please email me at Would love to hear from you, either way! Be well! best, Lynn