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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Donald Gets Drafted" (1942) [Series] - Donald Pencil w/ Timing Marks

Here's a nice World War II era sketch of Donald marching.  Good example of timing marks. The seller thought that Fred Koepitz may have been the animator on this piece directed by Jack King, but there is no specific information on the sketch to support his opinion.

For a great plot summary, Wikipedia has a great entry....

World War II Donald

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Donald Gets Drafted” (1942).; Director's drawing of Donald marching.; Notes: "61"; timing marks "61 ... 64"; Fin 2 3; Unframed Item: 12"W x 10"H; SeqID-0729; 8/17/2005; From Sotheby's: This drawing features Donald Duck whistling and marching with gun over his shoulder on paper.; Marked on upper right corner and "61" on lower right hand corner.; Excellent condition.; Notes: Donald's movie have (sic) have appeared in 76 countries; his daily comics appeared and have been published in 47 countries and has appeared on television in 29 countries -- "Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters" Grant; p.61; 69-70.; 10x12; Circa 1943.; Seller: Directed by Jack King; which means that Fred Koepitz may have been the animator.; Lead animator’s sketch.

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