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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Fantasia" (1940) [Series] - Watercolor Concept

More postings of items in the Cowan Collection from "Fantasia"...

This is a great graphite and watercolor concept of what was called the "Bug Orchestra."

When I last posted this, I mentioned that the story (as it was told to me) was that there was a point when it was not clear that Stikowski would continue with the project and that some rough ideas were generated for an "alternative" to the orchestra. Several readers wrote that the story I heard may have been incorrect. Regardless, this is a nice piece and gives the viewer some additional insight into the creative process.

Watercolor Concept (click to enlarge)

Stamp on the back (significantly enlarged)

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

Graphite and watercolor concept drawing of “Bug Orchestra,” which was deleted when arrangements with Liopold Stikowski were finalized, from “Fantasia” (1940). [12Wx10H]

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