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Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Ugly Duckling" (1939) - Cels on Courvoisier Background

This is one of my favorite images...

There was always something about the "Ugly Duckling" that appealed to me when I was growing up. I was never part of the "in" crowd -- always in that "want to be" group on the fringe. Never quite fitting in. The storyline always held out hope that someday things would click...

The image really is one of those special "moments" that I talk about in collecting -- trying to find images that define a film and/or character. This does both...

There are two cels here: one of the main characters and another dealing with the water effects. The two are on a Courvoisier background.

Ugly Duckling Cels

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Ugly Duckling” (1939). The Ugly Duckling with his head held high. The Ugly Duckling swims away with the swan family in this finale. [Image: 11-9/16"W x 8-11/16"H] SeqID 0139
11/14/2000 Seller: "A Courvoisier background -- excellent. Note the superb water effects. This was from the second Ugly Ducking. The first was in black & white."


  1. I hear you, Robert. Though I recommend getting the FULL Ugly Duckling story which is far darker & a whole lot more disturbing....its description of the suffering & pain that poor creature had to go through ...just knifes at yr heart.

  2. "Anonymous" --

    - Thanks for your note... You reminded me that I have not read the original story. I need to check it out...

    Thanks, again...