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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Dumbo" (1941) [Series] - Giraffe Pastel

Well, I realized that I had not finished posting the art from "Dumbo."  A couple of items left...

This is a great little storyboard piece showing four giraffes in the circus parade -- one flexing its neck to pass under a wire.  A little humor!

Pastel Storyboard of Giraffes In Parade
(click to enlarge)


From “Dumbo” (1941).  Pastel of giraffe ducking under a banner during the circus parade.  References on page: “P-212”; “47” [8.25W x 8.75H]  SeqID-0267


  1. You can't have too much Dumbo art! One of my favorite Disney films ever.

  2. Your blog makes me smile and laugh. Thank you.

  3. Hi Bob, first time visitor to your Blog and I like it!
    I recently purchased my first Disney and MGM production drawings and am completely excited!

    I work as a Layout artist in TV animation so I've always wanted original art.

    Coming from a business side, what made you have an interest in animation art? Childhood memories and admiration for the art?


  4. I think it's always good to return to old work and see what you can do to make it fresh - or just try a new technique you've learned :) A great way to start a new