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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Baggage Buster" (1941) [Series] - Pan Master Background

Now, a return to the 1940's!  I only have one item from The Baggage Buster (1941) and it is great!  This is a fantastic watercolor pan Master Background!  I like it because of its simplicity and focus on the center Depot Building...  It makes a great wall hanging because of its large size (the unframed image is almost 58-inches wide)!  The marks on the lower right are start/stop timing marks and cel position marks -- there are position marks on the bottom center as well.

FYI:  I was going to modify the light/dark elements in Photoshop until I looked at the color chart that I included in the larger original shot.  The light tone of the background is correct and to add some contrast would not have given the correct impression about the pieces role as a "background" element...

Pan Master Background (click to enlarge)


----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Baggage Buster” (1941).  Pan master background of depot in this Goofy cartoon.  [Image: 57.5"W x 12"H]  SeqID-0317


  1. Wow, fantastic item! This was from the years when the Disney backgrounds couldn't be beat. I'm glad you left it appropriately atmospheric, the colors and values are very delicate.

  2. Pep -- Thanks for the comment!

    The image does look fantastic as a stand-alone art piece when punched up a little in Photoshop, but your observation about showing the correct "atmospheric" is right on...! And I think it takes some real patience to create a great piece and subdue it so that it doesn't distract from the primary focus of the film....