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Monday, November 2, 2009

Question About Disney Artist Richard Case

I received the following email and wondered if anyone could supply some additional information...

Hello Robert:

My father in law Richard Case recently passed away at 94.  We have been trying to find any information on Richard Case's early years with Disney Studios back in 1939-1940.  He worked on the backgrounds for cartoon title illustrations, the Ugly Duckling and Fantasia among others.  Is there any data base of early Disney employee's where we could search for information on Richard Case that you may know about?  So far after extensive web searching I am still coming up short.  

We have found an Ugly Duckling Book he had and a group of slides from his cartoon title illustrations among his things.  The bulk of his Disney work was stolen or misplaced in a house move.  We did recently get an email from someone in Colorado who purchased a porky pig drawing signed by Richard Case from an antique shop.  

Any help you can give us would be appreciated. 

Thanks Robert.
John King

If anyone has additional information, please post a comment here and I'll pass it along to Mr. King.

If you have an interest in seeing some of Richard Case's later abstract work, here is the link.

Bob   ;-D


  1. Dave Smith at The Walt Disney Company Archives in Burbank has access to employee records going back to the early 1930s. He should be able to tell you when Richard Case started at the studio, when he left, and what departments he worked in.

  2. Thanks David. Dave Smith said Richard worked in the Title Department at Disney Studios from 1938-1940.