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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Little Lulu" - Information Needed

I received the following today and thought someone out there might have some ideas as to the film or other information...


I was looking for some info on this piece of animation art. I believe it's from a title sequence. Any ideas??




  1. I would think that if anyone would know, it might be Jerry Beck over at Cartoon Brew! Looks like Little Lulu has been hanging out with Little Dot.

  2. This is the "Direction" card for the earliest Little Lulu cartoons made by Famous Studios. It shows up in time for "using Daddy's necktie for the tail of your kite" in the opening and lists the director of that cartoon (either Seymour Kneitel or Izzy Sparber)

    The earliest cartoons to use it are "Hullaba-Lulu" and "Lulu Gets the Birdie" (both 1944). "Eggs Don't Bounce" (the first Lulu from 1943) might have been the first to use this particular card, but I have not yet found a copy of it with the original Paramount opening.

    Superb find, BTW.