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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Mail Pilot" (1933) - Mickey Landing At Airfield (1 of 20)

As a pilot, I tended to pick up items with an aerospace theme. The 1933 film "Mail Pilot" caught my attention and I ended picking up a number of items from the film. I thought I share the group with you.

"Mail Pilot" (1933) - Two-hole of Mickey Landing

This concept seemed a little "busy," but I liked the rough quality. The "wind sock" in the lower right was a nice bit. Mickey's airplane was roughed in (along with the shadow). The hangers were cluttered and a number of names were written in -- including what appears to be a reference to a tail number.

The pencil is shown in full view so the entire sheet is seen.

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Mail Pilot” (1933). A concept pencil background sketch of the airfield while Mickey is landing his mail plane. Note: Signs says "Air Mail" and “Airways.” [12"W x 8.5"H; 2-hole] Acquired 1993. SeqID-0069 7/15/2005

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