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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Fantasia" (1940) [Series] - 1940 Program

As series of postings of "Fantasia" items in the Cowan Collection...

Here is the original program that was distributed for those watching "Fantasia."

Remember to Click each page to view an enlargement so you can more easily read the text...

----- DATABASE NOTES -----

From “Fantasia” (1940). A special program guide to Fantasia printed by Disney. Many pictures and descriptions of the film events and development. Purchased from little book store in New Orleans. . [Item: 9-5/8"W x 12-11/16"H] SeqID-0044


  1. Wow! A really beutiful treasure there Bob. Proof indeed that animation is a true artform.

  2. I own this guide but the inside front copy I have is not blank.
    It reads:
    November 13, 1940
    Broadway Theatre
    53rd Street and Broadway
    New York City

    Sponsored by The British War Relief Society
    Special Premiere Edition Limited to 2000 Copies

    Copyright 1940 by Walt Disney Productions
    All rights reserved.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  3. In addition, the next to last page omits:

    For additional copies..

    The latter is understandable being a limited edition.

  4. I have one of these programs and I am passing it on to my son who is an artist. Does anyone know the value of these programs? Thanks for the information.

  5. Anonymous -- re: the Fantasia Program

    I think you have a real treasure. However, I just did an eBay search and saw one with a current bid of $1.99 and several days to go. Ah, well.... If I didn't have a copy, I'd sure put in my bid for one. I think we paid about $10 for ours at an old shop in the New Orleans area.

    I think your son is getting a great piece!

    And thanks for the comment!!! Bob ;D